The Risks of IoT

The Risks of IoT

It’s easy to see how technology has evolved to make our lives easier, but for all the great benefits that the rise of internet-connected operational technology has produced, it has also made cyber threat actors savvier than ever.

From smart homes to critical infrastructure, cyber criminals have more opportunities to cause harm, so we want to take a look at how the use of internet-connected OT is increasing the risk of cyber attacks and what we can do to help protect you.

  • IoT Devices.

As reported by Symantec, 40% of all attacks are aimed at IoT devices, such as smart homes, wearables, and connected cars, which provide new entry points for cyber criminals to attack.

  • Industrial Control Systems.

As stated by the US Department of Homeland Security, ICS networks are at high risk for cyber attacks due to growing connected devices and reliance on these systems for critical infrastructure.

  • Medical Devices.

According to the FDA, cyber threats to medical devices have also increased. Attacks to pacemakers and insulin pumps put the patient’s safety and sensitive information at risk.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted cybersecurity partner that can help organizations find comprehensive and customized solutions to protect themselves against growing threats.

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