Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Uncovering security gaps within your network.

Sophisticated cybercriminals often look to circumvent your firewalls and other security controls to gain authorized internal access to critical systems and data. Cybercriminals often achieve this goal by launching targeted phishing attacks that entice employees to click a malicious link, open an infected document or lead them to the attacker’s website. Organizations must develop strong layers of internal security to mitigate the risk of these attacks.

Internal network penetration testing aims to identify security vulnerabilities that exist inside of the corporate network for enumeration and remediation. This test simulates a malicious employee (e.g., an employee that’s been phished, an employee that’s gone rouge -or- someone walking into the office and plugging in a rogue device). The primary objective of network penetration testing is to improve your network’s security resiliency.

Canary Trap has developed a robust methodology for internal network penetration testing. We simulate a real-world attack launched by a sophisticated cybercriminal on the corporate network, network devices and applications. Our elite team of security experts seek to identify holes and gaps before cybercriminals can locate and exploit them.

To meet a high standard of security, internal network penetration testing should be performed on a regular cadence. Most cyber insurers now demand that policy holders undertake an internal network penetration test annually as a condition of coverage.

Penetration testing will identify weaknesses that exist within your security model. Committing to undertake regular offensive security (penetration) testing ensures that your business can remain vigilant and resilient to new threats. Undertaking internal network penetration testing can assist with improved planning when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with sophisticated tools, proven methodologies and, where appropriate, threat intelligence to ensure a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing and assessments.

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Internal Network Penetration Testing

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