Physical Security Assessment

Physical Security Assessment

Assess your physical security controls to identify gaps, vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

A physical security assessment aims to assess the risk of an attacker physically breaking into your organization. Physical threats that could be simulated include bypassing door locks, stealing devices, or using social engineering to convince an employee to let them inside a server room.

While many organizations have invested significant resources toward protecting their network and applications against the threat of a cyber-attack, many organizations don’t consider the risk associated with a potential attack on their physical infrastructure.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, no cybersecurity professionals can claim to provide true information security or effective security controls without strong physical security.

Canary Trap’s physical security assessment will assess your physical security controls to identify gaps, vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited.

Our team of experts come armed with real world experience that guides their approach to identify ways criminals could gain unauthorized physical access to sensitive and secured areas. Every engagement results in a comprehensive Findings Report which will help you to understand the risk(s) to your organization. Canary Trap provides recommendations to improve access controls and, therefore, overall security posture.

Canary Trap’s experts understand the tactics and techniques used by adversaries to gain unauthorized access to buildings and sensitive systems within them. Depending on the scope of the engagement, Canary Trap will assess the physical security controls in place (e.g., fences, gates, video surveillance, etc.) to identify their effectiveness.

Canary Trap has provided physical security assessments for government, commercial, financial services and private clients. We are confident we can satisfy your requirements to provide an objective view of your current physical security resiliency with recommendations that will enhance the facility’s overall security posture.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with sophisticated tools, proven methodologies and, where appropriate, threat intelligence to ensure a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing and assessments.

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Physical Security Assessment

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