Cloud Configuration Review

Cloud Configuration Review

Assess the security settings, configurations, and practices within your cloud environment.

A Cloud Configuration Review focuses primarily on the application’s supporting cloud infrastructure. It provides insight into how effective the cloud application is at using a cloud provider’s security controls to protect workloads. Taking it a step further we can benchmark against any compliance drivers or best practices your organization needs to adhere to.

A Canary Trap Cloud Security Architect will undertake a meticulous data collection process to gather all necessary details about the customer’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) configurations. The scope of this data collection will be exhaustive, extending to crucial aspects such as authentication, authorization, least privilege, network settings, methods employed for data encryption at rest and in transit, egress and data filtering controls, etc. This phase is crucial in setting the stage for subsequent steps, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the existing cloud security environment that will be invaluable in the coming analysis.

Once data collection is completed, the collected data will be subjected to a rigorous examination against industry best practices and benchmarks for PaaS configurations. Canary Trap’s Cloud Security Architect will leverage their expertise and in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure to scrutinize every detail of the configuration. The goal at this stage is to probe beneath the surface and identify any configuration elements that could compromise the integrity of the cloud environment. The Cloud Security Architect will scrutinize all settings, identifying any misconfigurations and anomalies that could pose security risks.

The next step is to assess the impact and severity of identified risks. This involves a detailed risk evaluation process where each vulnerability’s potential impact is examined. Risks are assessed based on their potential to compromise data, disrupt services, or expose the cloud environment to potential threats. The evaluation process also considers the broader implications of these vulnerabilities, such as compliance issues and potential reputational damage.

After the identification and impact evaluation phases, Canary Trap will compile these findings into a comprehensive Findings Report. This Findings Report will outline all identified vulnerabilities, their potential impacts, and provide recommendations for remediation. Each aspect of the report is meticulously crafted, ensuring that all findings and recommendations are laid out in clear, concise terms. The objective is to make the report accessible and valuable to all stakeholders, regardless of their technical proficiency. By translating complex security concepts into understandable terms, we help all key business stakeholders grasp the full extent of the cloud security landscape and the necessary steps for improvement.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with sophisticated tools, proven methodologies and, where appropriate, threat intelligence to ensure a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing and assessments.

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Cloud Configuration Review

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