Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review

Enabling the release of battle-tested applications.

The practice of Secure Code Review (SCR) is the means to improve one’s product, application or process through identifying errors, defects, bugs and security vulnerabilities. Any gaps or vulnerabilities identified are meant to be brought forward to the developers for resolution, which in effect, results in a more robust, resilient and secure product. SCR is integral part of the development lifecycle.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with robust, commercial tools to help identify any issues, vulnerabilities or gaps that could be exploited by cybercriminals or impede performance and end-user experience. Canary Trap’s elite team of security experts will identify which statement on which line of code is vulnerable along with the tainted variable that introduces the vulnerability.

Our Findings Report will illustrate the propagation from root cause to the end result. This intelligence provides developers with a complete end-to-end overview of each instance of the vulnerability, thus allowing them to quickly understand the nature of the problem for remediation.

Canary Trap’s SCR will provide a clear understanding of your application’s security posture at the code level. SCR is undertaken during the development phase and prior to scheduled application releases to ensure clean and secure code is deployed into production.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with sophisticated tools, proven methodologies and, where appropriate, threat intelligence to ensure a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing and assessments.

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Secure Code Review

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