Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Hardening web and mobile applications.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for accelerated digital transformation across small, medium and large enterprise. Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend more and more on websites, web and mobile applications as tools for commerce, customer engagement and data collection. As such, these properties have evolved to become very valuable targets for cybercriminals and, as such, need to be secured.

A 2021 report by NTT Application Security shows that 50% of all web applications were vulnerable to attack. Organizations continue to struggle against the rising tide of application-specific and web-application attacks.

To ensure a high standard of security, web and mobile applications must be regularly tested for security vulnerabilities. When performed regularly, penetration testing will illuminate where the vulnerabilities exist so that you can remediate before cybercriminals can locate and exploit them.

Penetration testing will identify weaknesses that exist within your security model. Committing to undertake regular offensive security (penetration) testing ensures that your business can remain vigilant and resilient to new threats. Undertaking web and mobile application penetration testing can assist with improved planning when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Canary Trap combines human expertise with sophisticated tools, proven methodologies and, where appropriate, threat intelligence to ensure a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing and assessments.

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Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing

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