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Experts in Security Testing

Canary Trap’s team of security experts are highly vetted and experienced. We bring the necessary skill sets, credentials and resources to identify and resolve unknown security gaps that create unnecessary exposure and business risk. We bring everything together under one roof to offer clients an exceptional experience across our Service Catalog outlined below: 

Incident Response Management

Reducing incident response time and minimizing breach impact.

Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Uncover security gaps within your Web & Mobile Applications for enumeration and remediation.  

External Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing

A high-level test using automated tools to identify and report on potential vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training

Humans are the weakest link in the security chain. Educate and engage your employees about security risks using an interactive and fun approach.  

Wireless Security Assessment

CanaryTrap’s security researchers will make sure that your organization’s wireless security meets or exceeds industry best practices and regulatory compliance standards.

Threat and Risk Assessment

A formal process to identify threats to a systems, map potential vulnerabilities against implemented security controls, and evaluate security risks.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Identify security gaps that exist inside of your corporate network for enumeration and remediation. 

Quality Assurance Testing

Design and execute functional tests as part of the software development process, leveraging scenario test cases.  

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Security Awareness

Investments in cyber security are often viewed as a cost center by the business. As such, it’s important to make security business contextual when building the business case for investment. The following statistics are cited from PT Security’s “2019 Report on Web Application Vulnerabilities” and help to frame the security challenge facing enterprises.  


of web applications are vulnerable to breaches of sensitive data.

of vulnerabilities are located in application code.

of sites are vulnerable to allow for unauthorized access to applications.


Canary Trap’s Approach to
Security Testing

Define   /   Uncover   /   Report   /   Remediate   /   Retest 

Canary Trap has developed a 5-step methodology that combines human expertise with automated tools, artificial and threat intelligence to ensure that we take a thorough, in-depth approach to security testing. 

Our unique approach has been developed leveraging years of experience working on countless engagements across customers of every size, shape and industry type.   

To learn more about Canary Trap’s 5-Step Methodology please watch the video. 

Giving you all the reasons to
do business with Canary Trap

  • Experienced Team

Canary Trap was founded by ethical hackers and security experts who share in the common goal of protecting your business from becoming a victim of the next cyber-attack.

  • Accredited and Certified Professionals

Our team of security experts maintain a wide array of accreditations and certifications that stand as a clear testament to our expertise and capabilities within our service catalogue.  

  • Flexible to Meet Your Needs

You say “jump” and we say, “how high?” Our client-first, can-do attitude enables us to offer customers the ultimate flexibility to meet strict requirements, timelines or deadlines.  

  • Bespoke vs. One Size Fits All

Every project is unique. We will deliver a Statement of Work specific to your engagement that articulates the Project Scope, Methodologies, Key Deliverable(s) and Cost(s) associated.

  • Diversity of Approach

Canary Trap’s team of security professionals come from diverse backgrounds which result in a more thorough and detailed approach to security testing.

  • Efficient while thorough

Canary Trap has developed efficient methodologies, and leverages economies of scale to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.


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