Author: Canary Trap

Risk-Based Patch Management

Risk-Based Patch Management assists IT teams in optimizing their time by identifying the priority of threats. By prioritizing the mitigation of critical threats, it enables the team to concentrate their efforts on addressing the most urgent vulnerabilities. This approach allows the team to make significant progress in establishing an effective patch management strategy while ensuring […]

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Ransomware Targeting VMware Vulnerability Has Hit Hundreds Of Servers In US, Canada

The firm’s data, which was initially reported by Bleeping Computer, shows that 362 servers in the U.S. and 240 servers in Canada had been affected by the ransomware, as of this writing. More than 2,400 servers running the VMware ESXi hypervisor are currently impacted in total, and the U.S. and Canada rank second and fourth, respectively, in terms of […]

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CIO 2023 Priorities: Cybersecurity

The mantra of the year: Trust no one. Technology executives in a recent CIO Journal end-of-year survey shared their priorities for 2023. While recruiting and retaining talent and leading through a tightening economy topped many to-do lists, the long tail of priorities encompassed everything from modernization to sustainability. Below are edited highlights of CIO responses […]

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