Incident & Breach Response

Incident & Breach Response

Reducing response time and minimizing breach impact.

Planning, preparation, and regular security testing can mean the difference between a lengthy, partial recovery and a full recovery when a security incident occurs. Having the right partner in place to help effectively and efficiently respond to security incidents will help mitigate business risk and accelerate time to recovery. You need a partner that understands the adversarial mindset and is actively responding to today’s attacks.

The Canary Trap Incident Response team is available 24/7. We use the latest  cloud-based technologies to help expedite rapid response, hunt for intruders, and bring about meaningful resolution for our clients. With direct access to a global threat hunter community we understand the tactics, techniques, procedures and motives of sophisticated attackers.

Canary Trap’s Incident Response team has been helping clients with digital forensic and incident response investigations for over two decades. Our unique approach helps clients solve complex issues efficiently and with the lowest possible impact.

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Incident Response Management Service

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Incident Response Retainer

Reduce your incident response time and minimize breach impact with Canary Trap on speed dial


The Canary Trap Incident Response Retainer gives your organization the ability to quickly identify malicious activity and receive contextual intelligence on attacks — enabling faster and more effective response to cyber incidents.

What are your business and security requirements?

Retainer agreements can be packaged in different ways to match your needs. Consider these factors:

  • Budget: Determine the appropriate number of prepaid hours for Incident Response (IR) based on your company size, profile and industry type.
  • Unused Hours: Redirect the value of unused hours toward any of our other security testing services.
  • Response Time: Get Service Level Agreement (SLA) details for remote consulting. 4-hour SLAs are available.
  • Terms: Confirm the length and conditions underlying an IR retainer. Canary Trap offers flexible terms to meet your requirements.
  • Cyber Insurance: Consider how your cyber insurance policy reimburses for IR expenses and ask your insurer about lower premiums if you can show a proactive approach to cyber security.

For more information, please complete our Scoping Questionnaire or give us a call.

The Canary Trap approach

Scope the engagement

Complete the online Scoping Questionnaire as a first step in the process. We will move forward to facilitate a call with one of our qualified staff members to better understand your specific needs and properly scope the retainer service. Canary Trap will deliver a customized proposal that will clearly articulate our unique Engagement Model, Key Deliverables, Service Level Agreement and Cost(s) associated with establishing an Incident & Breach Response Retainer.

Project kick-off

Upon obtaining the necessary approvals, sign-off and corresponding Purchase Order, Canary Trap will move to assign a dedicated Project Manager who will organize the project kick-off call. The project kick-off call will serve to introduce key business stakeholders and determine the project plan with specific milestones.

Environmental assessment


Canary Trap will document the details of your current environment in order to better understand how your organization is set up. Once this environmental assessment has been completed, Canary Trap will make recommendations around mean time to respond.

The benefits of an Incident Response Retainer and Plan

Investing in an Incident Response plan will enable all parties involved to quickly assess your company’s risks. Identify potential gaps as well as your company’s ability to respond to different types of breaches.

Canary Trap has identified 5 of the top benefits associated with developing and maintaining a plan as well as a retainer with an SLA.

1) Identify your company’s crown jewels

Mission-critical information assets – an organization’s “crown jewels” – are information assets of greatest value and would cause major business impact if compromised. These assets attract the attention of highly capable adversarial threats, all of whom are intent on exploiting this valuable information.
A crown jewel assessment will help Identify a business’s mission-critical information assets, assess the adversarial threats to these assets and also determine the most appropriate method to protect them.

2) Define and decide what is considered an incident

While there is no common understanding of what a cyber security incident is, with a wide variety of interpretations. With no agreed definition– and many organizations adopting different views in practice – it is very difficult for organizations to plan effectively and understand the type of cyber security incident response capability they require or the level of support they need.
It is imperative that organizations have a common understanding of what’s important and when to declare an incident.

3) Create a playbook for your employees
The purpose of a security playbook is to provide all members of an organization with a clear understanding of their responsibilities towards cybersecurity standards and accepted practices before, during, and after a security incident. A playbook is crucial in saving an organization time when responding to incidents. It is designed so that all employees understand their roles and execute during a time of crisis.

4) Budget for the inevitable
Budgeting for cyber incidents can be addressed in numerous ways. We work with organizations to invest in the right cyber insurance policy so you can minimize your financial impact. Canary Trap has also developed a custom IR retainer so that any unused funds can be redirected towards our other consulting offerings

5) Stay compliant
Being compliant is often mistaken for being secure. Canary Trap provides the right guidance so that a company can make the right investment in order to be both secure and compliant.

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