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Canary Trap Services

Security is complicated…
We‘re the experts that can help.

Best practice security is an ever-evolving art form and not a defined science. Canary Trap’s team of security experts have the credentials, expertise and relevant industry experience to help you identify and remediate any security gaps or vulnerabilities that exist within your network, web and mobile applications.

As your trusted security partner, Canary Trap can also help to implement a customized Security Awareness Training program within your organization -and- assist with Quality Assurance Testing.

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External Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessments identify security weaknesses in networks, systems, and applications. Adversaries are keenly aware of vulnerabilities and are always looking for easy targets that can be exploited. An external vulnerability assessment and penetration test can identify how an adversary can cause harm to your IT systems from outside of your network.

Incident Response Management

An Incident Response plan aims to help organizations better protect their assets from Cybercrime. Breaches can occur across multiple vectors from email to network, organizations can best prepare themselves by having a comprehensive plan and also continuously testing it.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

While strong external security is paramount, sophisticated adversaries can circumvent your firewalls and other perimeter security solutions. To meet a high standard of security, corporate networks must be regularly tested for vulnerabilities. When performed regularly, penetration testing will inform your business where the weaknesses exist in your security model.

Quality Assurance Testing

The practice of Quality Assurance Testing is the means to improve ones product, application or process through identifying bugs, issues or general inadequacies.  Quality Assurance is integral to the success of the software development process as it aims to catch and remediate issues before your customers or end-users experiencing them.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training teaches employees about cyber security, IT best practices and even regulatory compliance. A comprehensive security awareness program should train employees on how to spot the most common security threats. Canary Trap has created a fully managed, cloud-based, customized and interactive Security Awareness Training program.

Threat Risk Assessment

A Threat and Risk Assessment analyzes a software system for vulnerabilities, examines potential threats associated with those vulnerabilities, and evaluates the resulting security risks. Canary Trap’s Threat Risk Assessment looks at both the probability of that threat occurring, and the impact on both system and organization should it occur.

Web & Mobile Penetration Testing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend websites, web and mobile applications as tools for commerce and information gathering. To meet a high standard of security, websites, web and mobile applications must be regularly tested for vulnerabilities. When performed regularly, penetration testing will illuminate where the weaknesses exist.

Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless communication enables mobility; however, mobility can introduce undetected security issues. Without a secure configuration, the enterprise is unable to control unauthorized network access. Canary Trap’s wireless security assessment aims to identify security gaps that can be leveraged by adversaries to cause harm.